Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dating Advice From My Mother


Amongst the many bits of wisdom my mother has given me-- she recently shed new light onto the topic of dating. My smokin' mama has just re-entered the dating scene after 10 years of being off the market. Upon discussing her return to the game, she said to me...

"Dating in your sixties is so different then dating in your twenties. When you are in your twenties, you put loads of pressure on every guy you meet. You think, is he the love of my life... my future husband... the father of my children? However, when you are in your sixties, you've already done that. You're no longer looking for the father of your children. You are just looking for someone who makes you happy and someone that you have a good time with."

Now isn't that revolutionary. So many of my girlfriends, myself included, meet a guy and automatically put major expectations on the relationship. Then, we get to a certain point when we realize that said guy we are seeing is not "the one." We automatically toss him aside (often after months of going back and forth) because we think... if he's not "the one," then I need to stop wasting my time with him and go find the boy that is. 

Perhaps we should all take a step back and stop worrying about searching for "Mr. Right" and instead have a fun with "Mr. Right Now."

Just a thought.


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