Saturday, January 19, 2013

Foodie Adventures: Cafe Chloe

This past week was a very special week for the foodies of San Diego... it was Restaurant Week! The tradition of Restaurant Week started many, many years ago in New York. It was originally created for all the food reporters who couldn't afford to go to the restaurants they needed to review. The concept is great: fabulous restaurants create reasonably priced set menus of some of their most popular items.

In honor of Restaurant Week, me and my gal pals headed to our favorite French bistro in downtown San Diego-- Cafe Chloe.

This jem was introduced to me from one of my classiest lady friends, Kirstin! It is just as quaint as a fancy French bistro should be.

As I made our reservations well in advance (and even had to give them my credit card number to hold the table), we had the best table in the house. It's a table for about seven people, but the four of us gals were very comfortable.

The night was filled with good conversation and lots of laughs! 

My only complaint about Cafe Chloe is the pricing of their wine list. Yes, they've got a decent list with a handful of good Frenchies, but it is just a bit too pricey. Thankfully, Chloe serves up delicious lavender pink lemonade.

My first course of the night is one of Chloe's classics: Petite Macaroni, Pancetta and Bleu D' Auvergne Gratin. It was just as delicious as it sounds! 

Next, I had another Chloe classic which I've had before: Steak Frites with Port Butter and Haricots Verts. I did have to specify that I wanted this Medium-Rare, heavy on the rare!

For dessert, I went for the chocolate of course. I had Pot de Creme with Candied Tangerines and Whipped Cream. Pot de Heaven if you ask me.

The lovely evening eventually came to a late end. There truly is nothing better than sitting around a table with good friends and good food. 

Hope you all had a fantastic Restaurant Week!


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