Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Succeed in the Job Hunt

I have officially started the job hunt. Today, I submitted the first of many resumes, cover letters and applications to come. Upon telling some of my friends and classmates, many were dismayed that I am starting the hunt this early. In fact, many of them have no idea where to start! To those who were asking me for my advice-- here it is: Get on the internet and do some serious research.

There are three major sites I use when approaching the job hunt.

1. Linkedin

This should be quite obvious to most people, but seriously it is more helpful then you can imagine. If you don't have a profile... make one. Then add me. If you have a profile, but don't use it... spend some time building up your network. Linkedin is a great way to do some major stalking on companies you are interested in. You'd be surprised by how many connections you will have to these potential employers.

2. The Everygirl

This website is designed for Gen Y women who are creative and ambitious. The masterminds behind this site post daily features of fantastic women who have succeeded in their careers that are not only inspirational and informative, but often incredibly aesthetic. Use this site to find inspiration from other likeminded, ambitious women. Here are some of my favorite features:

3. The Levo League

Levo is the Latin root for the word "elevate" and that is exactly what this site aims to do. Similar to The Evergirl, this is a one stop shop with tons of information. Instead of featuring fabulous women, Levo League publishes fantastically informative articles. I go here for inspiration and much needed advice. Below are some of their most helpful features:

There you have it. Those are my go to destinations when I am on the prowl for some career inspiration (which is most of the time). I seriously encourage you to familiarize yourself with sites like these and even find others that perhaps fit your style even better! Happy hunting ya'll!


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