Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Museums and Maxi Skirts

Over this long weekend, my dear friend from UCLA came down for a La Jolla escape! Amongst our many adventures included a visit to the much discussed exhibition, Behold, America! at The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

I was especially excited to take Jen (featured below) to the museum because I used to intern at MCASD last year in their Public Programs department. In my internship, I did a lot of promotional marketing for their Free Admission Under 25 promotion and I even created the audio guide for the 2012 John Valadez exhibition: Santa Ana Condition. Not to mention, I was able to help with the super swanky Biannual Art Auction that drew in La Jolla's finest (easily the fanciest people watching I've ever done).

Additionally, this museum's greatest asset has got to be it's beautiful location! Located right on the teal shores of La Jolla... whether you are a fan of contemporary art or not, the museum facility is a true gem. They even have an entire gallery dedicated solely to the view.

The exhibition is quite unique in that it is spread across three museums in the San Diego area. So technically, we only saw one third of it... but the third we saw was fantastic!

The highlights of the exhibition included a glow-in-the-dark light instillation that was rigged by a very, very loud bell... Impressionist landscapes... Emotional sculptures of horses... and a postcard series of 100 boots featured in different locations doing different activities.

The award for most interesting piece of the entire exhibition goes hands down to this interactive gem below. This pulley system of sorts was fascinating. The minute you sat on the swing, your weight enabled the lifting of the four sides to form a box around you. The piece transitioned from featuring the American flag to the Soviet flag. Take a look at the swing excitement below:


As I study Art History, museums have a special place in my heart. There is nothing like escaping the busy, hassles of life and entering the escape of a quiet, clean and peaceful gallery. 

If you are in San Diego, I highly recommending checking out Behold, America! Free admission to those under 25 years old at The Museum of Contemporary Art. 


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