Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Raddest Cities in the US

Now that my job hunt is well on its way, I've also started doing some research on some of the coolest cities in the US. As I am currently based on the West Coast... most of my comrades and I only think about life in California. There seems to be this fear of leaving The Golden State.

I, however, come from a nomadic past. Am I a military brat? Nope. I am the daughter of a corporate wonder woman who has had fabulous jobs all around the country. I do not have this anxiety of leaving beautiful California because I know that life can be good anywhere.

That said... here is a list of cities I am interested in living in.

1. Seattle: I've never been to Seattle, but I'm dying to get there. Home to the world's best coffee, hipster people and an all around chill vibe... I think I could dig it. Plus, I am a huge fan of cozy, rainy days. Can you say Hunter rain boots?

2. Austin: I grew up in Texas and have spent a lot of time in the Austin area (hello summer camp for 6 years). Though the rest of the state dances along the crazy conservative line, Austin seems like a very creative and cool place to be. Not to mention, the price point of Texas is just embarrassing for California! Plus, it isn't called "southern charm" for nothing.

3. Boston: Boston is easily one of my favorite cities in the US. There is just something about the history meeting the modern that is awesome. As there are so many universities in the area, the city is buzzing with young people giving it an awesome energy. I should also mention that I am totally in love with the federal style of architecture-- I swoon over brick townhouses.

4. District of Columbia: Nothing says ambition like D.C. does. The city is filled with brilliant people with big goals. I'd love to jump right into such a motivated environment. I also love that similar feel to Boston in which history meets today in such an awesome blend.

Friends, if you could live in any city in the US after graduation... where would you choose?


Georgie Partridge said...

what happened to Mendocino?!

Mac said...

Unfortunately, Mendocino does not offer the kind of business I am looking for! Perhaps a vacation home? :) Haha!

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