Saturday, January 5, 2013

What would you do if money was no object...

This inspiring video makes you really think. As graduation comes up in five short months, I have started an aggressive job hunt. In this stressful time, I find myself taking short moments to question what really makes me happy and what I would do if money was no object...

(via A Cup of Jo)

Here are some ideas of what my post-college plan would be if money was no object:
1. Move to Sicily and produce Etna Rosso
2. Live on a houseboat in Amsterdam and blog my way into a living
3. Become a sommelier and own wine bar in San Francisco
4. Open a small pub in Ireland where live music would play every night
5. Be a wedding planner and spend all day on pinterest
6. Start an art gallery that supports local and aspiring artists

Friends who are in the same boat, what would you do after graduation if money was no object?


Justin Avery said...

Assuming that we were living in an alternate society where money was no object for anyone, here are some ideas for my post-college plan:

1. Live in a housing cooperative where all of the housework and childcare is shared, probably in San Francisco, but not definitely.
2. start a theatre company, writing and directing plays and films experimenting with surrealist, absurdist and also more popular styles.
4. Help to redesign cities with institutions that are built for, operated by, and open to the public
5. Master jazz, folk and flamenco guitar and start an avant-garde/fusion jazz quintet, and tour the world with it
6. Write books on political economy, critical geography and cultural studies, and occasionally use psychedelics

Mac said...

Thank you for sharing, Justin Avery. You are the ultimate cool guy.

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