Thursday, February 21, 2013

Foodie Adventures: D Bar

My most recent foodie adventure took me to Food Network's Keegan Gerhard's (former host of Food Network Challenge) San Diego spot-- D Bar. The hip Hillcrest location makes this a go-to spot for a chic dinner.

The interior is open, airy and very sleek. It reminded me almost of the inside of a contemporary museum with beautiful floral arrangements and hanging lights.

Their menu is loaded with so many delicious plates that it is almost overwhelming to choose. For that reason, I suggest taking a sampling of many of their smaller plates and sharing amongst friends. This is precisely what we did.

 We started with an item under the "On the Greener Side of Things" section. "Avos Avos Avos"-- basically Avocados served up in three different ways. There was a simple dressed avocado, a crusted in crumbs avocado ball and an avocado/goat cheese dip with what seemed to be pita bread strips. It was a lovely presentation and quite crafty.

Then we had three of their plates under the "Things We Like to Eat" section. First up was the "Southern Fried Belgian"-- aka Chicken and Waffles. I gotta admit, I keep wanting to like the whole chicken and waffles trend, but it just doesn't do it for me. It was a nice presentation though... very waffly.

Next was the Bacon Mac & Cheese. Pretty hard to go wrong with this one. It was delish.

Last up were the Kobe Sliders. Boy, were those tasty. We were amazed how much flavor was packed into such a small little thing. These are a MUST order. We joked that we'd like 10 more each please.

Of all the dishes, we were told that D Bar was most known for their desserts. Well let me tell ya, their dessert menu is as long as their dinner menu! We opted for the intriguing dish: d=mc^2... a trifecta of peanut butter and chocolate creations. It was gorgeous. 

Then, we finished with the star of the entire evening: Ch Ch Ch Churros. These cinnamon churros were as flaky and light as can be with dark chocolate dipping sauce and vanilla ice cream. It blew. my. mind.

D Bar was a night to remember. The setting is perfect place to bring a large group of friends and eat lots of small plates. The bar looked great too. We also decided that D Bar is a great dessert destination. A huge two thumbs up for Keegan's D Bar.


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