Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Favorite Online Magazines

Reading magazines has always been a favorite past time of mine. There is nothing like taking a good hour break and flipping through inspirational pages of a great mag. In recent times, there has been a surge of online magazines. These publications are often powered through softwares such as issu, and feature flip book style presentation where you flip through the pages of the magazine virtually. It is great on a computer and even better on a tablet.

Not to mention, all of these magazines are completely free. Every month. No subscription required!

Here are a few of my favorite online publications:

1. Matchbook Magazine

Matchbook is all about living "the charmed life." To me, the magazine is the baby of the personalities of Anthropologie, Kate Spade and J. Crew. It's feminine, classic and charming. Their feature stories are often prominent designers (fashion and interior). I always find inspiration in Matchbook.

Sweet Lemon Magazine reminds me a lot of Matchbook, but solely designed for the twenty somethings of the world! They have articles on careers, dating, fashion, travel and more-- all geared at their 20-30 year-old readers. 

Rue Magazine is all about a being a guide to stylish living. Meaning, it is a fabulous design magazine. Their features practically make up my Pinterest "Dream House" board. 

Happy reading!


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