Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Boy Who Amazed Spielberg

Throughout my undergraduate career, I have had the opportunity to take some very unique classes. My first year I took a music class called Klezmer and Yiddish Folk Music. Second year I took the History of The Beatles.

And now, I am taking a communications film course called Science Fiction. Why is this a communications course? That, my friend, is to be decided. Basically, all we do is watch Sci-Fi films and then discuss them. I took this lovely little course because it fit well in my schedule and because I happen to love three hour film classes. Granted, I am not the biggest Sci-Fi fan, my taste is slowly, but surely expanding.

That being said, today we were on the topics of Aliens and Alternate Realities. (Weird, I know...) The sweet and earnest example of a "good alien" was E.T.

While discussing this classic, it reminded me of a video I once saw of Henry Thomas' audition. When I first watched it, it blew my mind. Apparently it also impressed Steven Spielberg... because at the end of the video, he says, "Okay, kid. You got the job."

Take a look (grab a tissue):


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