Thursday, March 21, 2013

So Long California, Hello China!

Well friends, I'm off to China tomorrow morning bright and early... I won't be blogging whilst abroad, but you can expect some epic blog posts when I return. Shanghai and Hong Kong here I come!

Make sure to follow my adventures on Twitter and Instagram!

See you in April.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ode to the Fig

This morning as a spritzed myself with the last droplets of my beloved L'ombre Dans L'eau by the wonderful Diptyque, I started brainstorming what my next perfume purchase will be. For a while, I've been lusting after my mother's signature scent-- Fig.

My relationship with figs or ficci as they are called in Italian culminated on a little farm in Abruzzo this Fall. Prior to this moment, I had always associated figs with mythical Greece and the ancient world. Then, this happened...

I tasted the sweet nectar of the Gods picked straight off the tree by a charming, fuzzy Italian farmer. It was, honest to goodness, one of the most memorable culinary experiences I have ever had. 

With this sweet memory, I have been on the hunt for the perfect fig fragrance. For those who have never smelled a fig... they are fresh and sweet; clean and warm. They are the perfect spring scent.

Here are my top two picks for a figgy fragrance:

Jo Malone's Wild Fig and Cassis

Diptyque's Philosykos (Mama Deb's Signature)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Art History in a Nutshell

As I study for my Art History final tomorrow morning, this pretty much sums it all up...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Foodie Adventures: The Secret Cookie Service

Nothing makes me happier than watching a young entrepreneur succeed. About a year ago, a UCSD student launched a now flourishing business called-- The Secret Cookie Service. The concept is simple... you order freshly baked cookies and guys who look like Blues Brothers deliver them. 

In honor of Finals Week, their busiest week of the year (one can only imagine why), I've decided to dedicate a Foodie Adventure to them.

Last week, the roomies and I, in a fit of chocolate cravings, decided to give The Secret Cookie Service a try. To be honest, we were more excited about the delivery than the cookies themselves. 

About an hour after ordering, I received a text message to come outside. It felt very James Bond.

As we poked our heads outside our apartment's gate, there stood two strapping Secret Cookie Service men with a top secret delivery. 

We cackled in delight-- laughing at them and laughing at ourselves for being so excited. With a quick swipe of our cards on their square and a signature on their iPad... the goods were ours. 

Before we let them go, we had to ask: "How did you get involved with Secret Cookie Service?" Their answer, "If we told you, we'd have to kill you."

The roomies and I giggled profusely at their roleplaying. Snaps to you gentleman for staying in character (even though one of you is a Communications major in my Advertising and Society class... cover blown!)

Even though the delivery was fantastic, the goods were even better.

Freshly baked, gooey chocolate chip cookies and cold milk delivered straight to your door by handsome men in suits... what could be better? 

Well, after more thought... we decided "The Secret Fro-Yo Service" would be even better. Perhaps another branch should be established...

The Secret Cookie Service is available to all universities in the San Diego area. Their hours are typically 7pm-2am and can take up to an hour to deliver. Their daily flavors are listed on their website and their Facebook page. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Musical Chairs

Choosing the right seat at a dinner party is always difficult. The wrong seat at the table can ruin an entire evening. Though many don't fret too much over this, I found this graphic incredibly amusing...

2 Tables (of Any Size): "You're f*cked. Regardless of how you time your approach you will inevitably choose too soon. Lament as the other table's attendance crystalizes into what is clearly the superior group..."

Friday, March 15, 2013

Artist Watch: Caitlin McGauley

Caitlin McGauley's watercolors are such a hit, that Kate Spade commissioned her work. When Kate Spade hires you, you know you are doing something right! I absolutely adore them and can't wait to have one hanging in my office.

Images via Caitlin McGauley 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What I Wore: On Campus Interviews

Today, I had an on campus interview with a huge company who is recruiting from our school. My outfit needed to transition from my office shift this morning in the Tour Guide office, to class, to club meetings and of course, to my interview.

Many of my fellow classmates opted for the traditional power suit. I took a more creative approach. I figured, I didn't want to look like I tried too hard. They knew I was at school all day; dashing from one place to another.

A trench over a skirt and silk blouse always looks professional and feminine. I wore heels for the interview, but packed flats for running around our huge campus.

P.S. The interview went very well.

Trench: Gap, Blouse: Talbots, Skirt: J.Crew, Shoes: Michael Kors, Bag: Longchamp

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Wish List

No Wednesday Wish List tonight... I've got a 10 pager to write. (Rhyme very much so intended.)

Okay fine, my wish for today's list is that this paper would write itself!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Signature Necklace

Everyone always asks me where my necklace is from... Well, it's from my super stylish Aunt Anne. If you are looking to add more monogrammed pieces to your collection, check out Moon and Lola's beautiful creations.

Office Space of My Dreams

All this studying (and blogging) has me lusting after gorgeous office spaces. Don't you wish you were studying here:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Five Tips to Survive Finals Week

Finals Week is just around the corner at my school which means that I have loads of papers and assignments to complete this week.

Today at my internship, I was joking with my colleague, who was studying for a test during her lunch break, that we are Wonder Women. We intern all day, work second jobs, are on an aggressive post-grad job hunt AND go to school full-time. With all that, it is easy to get yourself worked up. Here are my top five tips to destress during Finals Week (and the "dead week" before that is not in any way, shape or form--dead).

1. Make Lists
As an avid list maker, I can tell you that there is very little more fulfilling than crossing out items on a To Do List. It also is a great way to wrap your head around all that you have on your plate. I cheat though, sometimes I add simple things like "eat lunch" or "check Pinterest" just to make myself feel good about crossing these easy things off.

2. Calm Down
Everyone has their own version of peaceful music. I know both of my roommates have their own distinct tastes. One loves to belt showtunes from Les Mis, the other is a devoted Harry Potter audiobook listener. I, however, prefer acoustic jam sessions to mellow me out. This is one of my favorites by Lord Huron:

3. Do Things Now
As easy as it is to leave the little things, do yourself a favor and do the small chores now. Personally, nothing makes my life feel more in shables than an unmade bed. Make your bed, fold your clothes and put away the nine pairs of shoes on your floor. I promise, you will already feel better.

4. Light Candles
Just trust me. Candles make everything seem instantly calmer.

5. Go For a Walk
Grab your equally stressed out friend and go for a quick stroll-- preferably to your local coffee, fro-yo or acai bowl watering hole. The chit chat will take your mind off of your stresses and the fresh air will be good for you. Give yourself a destination so you don't just aimlessly walk around punishing yourself for wasting time.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Packing For China

With less than two weeks away until my trip to China, I am constantly brainstorming what I will pack for this grand adventure. Shanghai and Hong Kong are both extremely fashionable and cosmopolitan cities, so I must plan my sightseeing outfits accordingly.

After spending all of Fall quarter traveling around Europe, I am very aware of the do's and dont's of sightseeing outfits. We all know that the wrong shoes can make you a target to pickpockets or simply displeased looks.  Here's what's on my packing list for China so far:

Trench coats work easily during a balmy spring day and can be worn over a dress at night. A leather hobo bag ensures enough space for all your necessities including a DSLR and lens. Smoking slippers are a comfortable alternative to explore new cities in. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What is this Google Glass?

As of late, Google Glass has been all over my channels. People are excited about it, freaked out by it or just simply at a loss of words.

Personally, as an avid glasses wearer, I'm not totally digging the design-- I'd like a Warby Parker designed Google Glass please.

In all seriousness, Google Glass looks straight out of a sci-fi film (and believe me, I know about those). My prediction is that these glasses will revolutionize the lenses we see life through-- literally and figuratively. Here is a video explaining how it feels to wear the glasses.

However, this Tech Cruch writer offers a different opinion of the glasses. He thinks that the glasses might have the same fate as segways- kind of cool, but vaguely useless. In his article he shares this funny video about how Google Glass will change the dating game:

What are your thoughts on Google's newest gizmo?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Sweet Reminder from Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss, how do I love thee. Your words of inspiration serve as constant encouragement. In a stage in my life where post-graduation anxiety is starting to sink in, this is a lovely reminder that the world is my oyster.

"When I Grow Up is a delightfully inspirational animated short by The Academy, akin to Dr. Seuss’s classic Oh, the Places You’ll Go! The short is directed, written, and animated by Colin Hesterly and scored by Cyrille Machesseau. Narrator Bob Michaels’ soothing voice encourages you to “shoot for the moon,” and reminds you that even when “the going gets tough, keep pushing on because there’s a world of mysteries left for you to solve.” --Kimber Streams

Monday, March 4, 2013

Lipstick is Worth a Thousand Words

If you read my bio, you will know that I am a complete sucker for coral lipstick. In my most recent escapade to Bloomingdales with my shopping partner-in-crime, I popped over to the Lancome counter on the hunt for the perfect spring shade of coral. This is my first Lancome purchase and I am quite impressed. The shade is called "Ever So Sweet"--simply darling. The color works well on fair skin and brings out blue eyes. The formula is moisturizing and the color is long lasting. This is my go-to spring lip color. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Watch Now: Women Who Make America

I, like many people I know, am a documentary junkie. When I had an active Netflix account, my queue was filled with documentaries ranging from sea otters to education.

For my friends who enjoy documentaries believe in gender equality and call themselves a feminist... give yourself a few hours to watch PBS's newest creation: Women Who Make America.

The documentary is in three segments and features amazing women from Gloria Steinem to Hillary Rodham Clinton to Ellen DeGeneres to Oprah Winfrey. 

This. is. important. 

Women in prior generations worked too hard to let our generation forget. Too often, we become consumed with our wedding-themed Pinterest boards and day dreaming about a big house with a family. There is a reason the movement happened and we mustn't forget that. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Night at The Contemporary Ballet

Last night, I had the opportunity to see Philadelphia's premier contemporary ballet company, BalletX perform at my school. The show was sold out and for good reason. It was phenomenal. I saw the show with two of my closest dancer friends who kept raving about the "panache" (or was it "ganache"-- no, that's cake frosting...) and the double entensmushsmush... Let's be real, I have no idea what they were saying. I simply added in "ooh's" and "aah's" and enthusiastic nodding.

Simply put, these dancers are incredible. The strength that goes into even the smallest of movements is perplexing. After seeing their show, I did some more research on them and I had to share these images. Talk about muscles and grace.

Here's the the people who dedicate their lives to this beautiful art.

Images via BalletX
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