Sunday, March 17, 2013

Foodie Adventures: The Secret Cookie Service

Nothing makes me happier than watching a young entrepreneur succeed. About a year ago, a UCSD student launched a now flourishing business called-- The Secret Cookie Service. The concept is simple... you order freshly baked cookies and guys who look like Blues Brothers deliver them. 

In honor of Finals Week, their busiest week of the year (one can only imagine why), I've decided to dedicate a Foodie Adventure to them.

Last week, the roomies and I, in a fit of chocolate cravings, decided to give The Secret Cookie Service a try. To be honest, we were more excited about the delivery than the cookies themselves. 

About an hour after ordering, I received a text message to come outside. It felt very James Bond.

As we poked our heads outside our apartment's gate, there stood two strapping Secret Cookie Service men with a top secret delivery. 

We cackled in delight-- laughing at them and laughing at ourselves for being so excited. With a quick swipe of our cards on their square and a signature on their iPad... the goods were ours. 

Before we let them go, we had to ask: "How did you get involved with Secret Cookie Service?" Their answer, "If we told you, we'd have to kill you."

The roomies and I giggled profusely at their roleplaying. Snaps to you gentleman for staying in character (even though one of you is a Communications major in my Advertising and Society class... cover blown!)

Even though the delivery was fantastic, the goods were even better.

Freshly baked, gooey chocolate chip cookies and cold milk delivered straight to your door by handsome men in suits... what could be better? 

Well, after more thought... we decided "The Secret Fro-Yo Service" would be even better. Perhaps another branch should be established...

The Secret Cookie Service is available to all universities in the San Diego area. Their hours are typically 7pm-2am and can take up to an hour to deliver. Their daily flavors are listed on their website and their Facebook page. 


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