Sunday, March 10, 2013

Packing For China

With less than two weeks away until my trip to China, I am constantly brainstorming what I will pack for this grand adventure. Shanghai and Hong Kong are both extremely fashionable and cosmopolitan cities, so I must plan my sightseeing outfits accordingly.

After spending all of Fall quarter traveling around Europe, I am very aware of the do's and dont's of sightseeing outfits. We all know that the wrong shoes can make you a target to pickpockets or simply displeased looks.  Here's what's on my packing list for China so far:

Trench coats work easily during a balmy spring day and can be worn over a dress at night. A leather hobo bag ensures enough space for all your necessities including a DSLR and lens. Smoking slippers are a comfortable alternative to explore new cities in. 


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