Thursday, March 7, 2013

What is this Google Glass?

As of late, Google Glass has been all over my channels. People are excited about it, freaked out by it or just simply at a loss of words.

Personally, as an avid glasses wearer, I'm not totally digging the design-- I'd like a Warby Parker designed Google Glass please.

In all seriousness, Google Glass looks straight out of a sci-fi film (and believe me, I know about those). My prediction is that these glasses will revolutionize the lenses we see life through-- literally and figuratively. Here is a video explaining how it feels to wear the glasses.

However, this Tech Cruch writer offers a different opinion of the glasses. He thinks that the glasses might have the same fate as segways- kind of cool, but vaguely useless. In his article he shares this funny video about how Google Glass will change the dating game:

What are your thoughts on Google's newest gizmo?


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