Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hong Kong Part 2-- The Last Post from China... and more noodles.

Well we've finally reached the last China post. Congratulations. You may be thinking, Mac, why is it taking you so long to blog about your trip to China? The truth is, tons of other exciting this are going on right now that have pretty much shadowed the excitement of my trip (more on that later!).

After galavanting around the Ladies Market and making some much needed silk purchases...

We were in the mood for traditional Dim Sum. Again, we entered unknowingly into a very local restaurant. Everyone was looking at us like we were phonies, which we kind of were. However, the food was fantastic. Thank goodness for the one young server who spoke English!

On our last day of the trip, Easter (in fact), my mother insisted we take a hydrofoil to the bordering island of Macau. 25 years ago, Macau was a small little port town with tons of Portuguese influence. My mother and my father have fond memories of strolling along the harbor, speaking Portuguese (yes, my mother is fluent in Portuguese among many other languages) and eating delicious cuisine.

Today, Macau is the Las Vegas of China. Truly, there are just massive hotels and casinos everywhere. It was a bit disappointing to my mom, but we still had fun dining in the same restaurant she and my father did all those years ago. Though restaurant served up a mix between Spanish and Portuguese, it was a nice break from all of the noodles we had been eating. Who knew... Paella in China!

We still had not made it up to the infamous Victoria Peak yet, so we decided we would go after we got back from Macau. Unfortunately, by the time we got up there... the fog had rolled in and you couldn't see ANYTHING! Okay, well you could see a little... but supposedly, the view is amazing... I'll never know!

Overall, the trip was filled with goofy moments, communication barriers, delicious noodles and a fantastic time with my favorite person-- Mama Deb.

She and I have had the pleasure of so many wonderful trips and I can't wait until I am the one making the dough and can treat her to international trips! Soon. Very soon.


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