Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Big Debut in The San Diego Union-Tribune

Today, I was featured in The Union-Tribune (or as we call it here in San Diego... The U-T). The story showcased a handful of graduating seniors from San Diego universities. I was extremely flattered when the publication reached out to me after the UCSD Career Services Center gave them my contact. Check out my portion of the story by Karen Kutcher.

Photo by: KC Alfred 
"In three years, Mac Witmer accomplished everything she wanted at the University of California San Diego: She earned a bachelor’s degree in communication — with a minor in art history — studied abroad for a semester and landed a slew of internships.
After graduation, she’ll start the next phase of her life in San Francisco — as a sales development specialist for LinkedIn.
When she was picking a college to attend, she narrowed her choices to a small women’s liberal arts school and UC San Diego. She selected the La Jolla campus partly because of its reputation as a top university in the region. “San Diego has a lot of professional opportunities,” Witmer said. 
With a strong interest in luxury goods and technology, she has completed internships at Bump Network in La Jolla, Benefits Cosmetics in San Francisco, the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and the i.d.e.a. brand in San Diego.
Witmer’s mother is head of communications for a mining company, and Witmer said she started networking right from her freshman year.
She began looking for post-college employment in January, and it took her three months to get offers. She is excited about the chance to work at LinkedIn, which will be her first job in sales.
“I wanted to land a pretty large name for my first position,” she said. “My goal was to get into a place that was growing. I thought long and hard about what is important to me at this stage in my career, and that is growth.”

Catch the rest of the story and the other featured students here.


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