Monday, May 6, 2013

Private Moments in The Louvre

Everyone has their happy place. The one I go to in my head is an empty museum gallery.

There was one incredibly special moment in my life where I was alone in a museum. It was a small traveling exhibition of about 20 Monet pieces. The gallery was about to close and the guard had already taken off. It was just me and the paintings.

I was free to stand as close to the works as I wanted in complete silence. It was truly a spiritual moment.

When this video went viral, I was reminded of that magical moment with Monet. For those who haven't seen, "A Path of Beauty" by Florent Igla - this short video follows a woman completely alone in The Louvre. In her dreamlike journey, she visits some of the most incredible and famous art works of all time.

Those who have visited The Louvre know that it is far from empty and unfortunately, the large crowds often steal attention from the masterpieces. This woman had the opportunity of a lifetime to film this video.

Enjoy this small piece of serenity and beauty to calm down your Monday.


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