Thursday, May 30, 2013

San Francisco Here I Come

During the long weekend, I headed back to San Francisco for the most hectic house hunting on the planet. I was warned that the market right now is the most competitive it has been since the Tech Boom in the 90s. Back then, there was a serious housing shortage that lead to a severe increase in prices.

I also read an article that said, "The best time to rent in San Francisco was yesterday." It's true. Even over just the past four months of me tracking Craigslist... prices are increasing.

How crazy is that?!

After viewing many different studios-- many of which were just simply awful... I finally fell in love with one. In retrospect it was kind of a dump, but after a hopeless weekend with fail after fail, I was so enamored with the location that I didn't really care. After starting to place furniture and make plans to fix the bathroom and spice up the studio, I was told by the agent that there were seven other qualified applicants who I was competing against. SEVEN.

He warned me that I was the youngest and riskiest by far as many of the other applicants had two shared incomes... blah. blah blah. He encouraged me to write a really great cover letter explaining why I wanted to live in the apartment and why I'd be a great tenant.

No kidding, this was like applying for a job. I wrote the best cover letter of my life along with ample other materials proving that I was the best tenant... only to find out the next day that I didn't get it.

I was complaining to my mom that in any other city, it is the landlords who are trying to convince you to take the apartment. However in San Francisco, you have to convince the landlord why you should live in the apartment. Nuts I tell you.

Feeling oh so defeated, we had one last viewing that was scheduled on our way to the airport. We pulled up to this Victorian and all I could think was... Full House.

Though I absolutey abhor making decisions on the fly, I signed the lease while the cab kept the meter running. It's a summer sublet with the possibility of staying longer if I want, but it will give me my next home base.

There is a Whole Foods within walking distance, an adorable street lined with boutiques and cafes and the LinkedIn shuttle swings through this hood.

Plus, isn't it just charming?


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