Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Education: 25 Things I Learned in College

Now that I am officially a week into my post-college life and on the eve of my departure from San Diego, I've taken some time to reflect. College isn't about the education you receive in the classroom, but rather the education you receive everywhere else. Here are some of the lessons, in no particular order, that I've learned in my three years of undergraduate study.

What I Learned in College

1. You will make and lose friends naturally. If you're lucky, your best friend will be the first person to walk through your dorm room on move-in day. Don't waste time with people who bring you down.

2. Relationships based on alcohol aren't real, but they can provide good memories. 

3. Internships are more important than any class could ever be. 

4. Your professional career ranks as a higher priority than academics. If there is a networking mixer during the time you have lecture - you skip lecture.

5. You can never have enough booty skirts.

6. The Freshman 15 and The Sophomore 10 are alive and well. 

7. No it's not from alcohol, it's from the midnight drunken burrito runs.

8. Studying abroad is the best thing you can do. 

9. Being a tour guide is pretty freaking awesome, too. 

10. Use the gym on campus. Not because you are trying to lose The Freshman 15, but because you will never have free, unlimited access to a facility of its quality ever again. 

11. Only buy the books you absolutely need. The rest you can reserve at the library or borrow from a friend.

12. Prioritize your readings. Not every single reading will be important. 

13. Get involved in a student organization. Take a leadership position, it looks great on your resume and is a great first look into what it's like to manage people.

14. Again, study abroad. Do it.

15. Stay in touch with your best friends from high school. They will remind you of who you really are.

16. Invest in a costume box. You will attend MANY themed parties.

17. Date the losers, but don't let them hurt your heart. 

18. Date the nice guys and bookmark them for later. 

19. Your mom was right about everything. Everything.

20. Start job hunting the minute your senior year hits. It's never too early to plan for the future.

21. Decorate your half of the dorm with an explosion of colors and posters. When else in life are you going to feel comfortable having hot pink and teal posters on your wall?

22. Grades don't mean a thing, but it feels damn good to walk across the commencement stage in honors chords. 

23. There is no such thing as "the popular kids" in college. 

24. Everyone needs to have their own slutcapades session.

25. Those late nights in the freshman dorms will open your eyes to the diversity of the world and the various backgrounds of your peers will be humbling and inspiring.

There you have it. 25 simple things I picked up in my college years. People always say that college is when you "find yourself." I'm not sure if that's true.

I plan on spending the rest of my life exploring the world and building new relationships. I don't think it's about finding yourself, I think it's about developing yourself into the person you want to be. I began that journey in high school, continued it in college and will remain doing so as I begin this next chapter in life.


Deb Witmer said...

Love #19. Not so sure about #24!

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