Sunday, July 7, 2013

Foodie Adventures: Russian River Brewing Company

Okay so this isn't really a "foodie adventure" more of a "drinking adventure," but until I have a category for that, it will have to fall under foodie. When my roommate and bestie in San Diego drove me up to San Francisco, she had one condition that we make it to Russian River to visit her favorite brewery - home to Pliny The Elder (a double IPA that rocks her world).

We called up another close gal pal and made the trip up from San Francisco. The brewery was less exciting than we had anticipated, in my mind it would be this big brewing factory on a river. Wrong. It's right in downtown Santa Rosa.

Russian River Brewing Company appears to be just like any other bar. It is for those who know what to look for that are rewarded. Though we came to try the infamous Pliny The Younger (a triple IPA) we were informed that this brew lasts only two weeks in February. Shame. You minx.

Per my friends request, we opted to do a tasting flight of every brew created.

I was pleasantly surprised by the brews that aged in wine barrels. I especially liked Consecration which aged in Cabernet oak. My gals didn't dig the sourness of those babies and stuck with their favorite: Pliny.

'Twas a lovely little getaway from the city. Russian River brews were hard to find in San Diego, so I'm hoping they will be easier to come by in San Francisco.


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