Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Journey Like No Other

When I was 13 years old, I took my first trip to Italy. On our last night in Venice, my mother and I stumbled onto a vaporetto and got off at the first dock that looked promising. That twinkling dock turned out to be Hotel Cipriani - one of the most famous hotels in Venice... in the world. We proceeded to have the most memorable six course meal of my life. We sat upon the water, sipping Prosecco, watching the sunset. At the table next to us sat three women in Chanel suits and Sidney Poitier.

It was a night to remember and a journey like no other.

When I first saw this campaign by Orient Express, I was immediately brought back to that night. This marketing campaign evokes wanderlust like no travel campaign ever has before.

Follow the journey as one family travels around the world to some of the most luxurious properties of the Orient Express.

Enjoy watching the story unfold in the legendary train through Europe...

into the mysterious mountains of Peru...

across the shimmering lagoon of Venice...

to the breathtaking beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Enjoy this journey around the world.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Barbie of Silicon Valley

via Vogue

At first glance, this glamour shot seems to be an advertisement for Lancome's newest matte lipstick in a deep red.

At second glance, that beauty lounging in a pose reminiscent of Cabanel's Birth of Venus, is recognized as the Chief Executive Officer of one of Silicon Valley's giants -- Yahoo!'s Marissa Mayer.

Printed in Vogue's infamous September issue, "Hail to the Chief" is an expose on Mayer's business and fashion decisions - both of which are worthy of commemoration. The article beautifully describes Mayer's art collection in her Palo Alto home, a wardrobe filled to the brim with her favorite designer and her handsome (Ken Doll-like) partner, Zachary Bogue. It also nods at the Renaissance she has spearheaded for Yahoo! with the recent acquisition of Tumblr and her restructuring of internal policies regarding working from home, sexy benefits and mobile development.

Despite the depth of the article, initial reaction has been largely negative. The criticism is nothing new for Mayer. Her departure from Google and arrival at Yahoo! raised many eyebrows. Mayer was inconveniently and recently pregnant and she was one of the only female, let alone youngest, leaders in Silicon Valley.

Additionally, one of her immediate changes to Yahoo! sparked a national controversy. Upon mandating that Yahoo! employees were no longer allowed to work from home regularly, mothers across the country snarked that Mayer was being insensitive to the challenges of working parents who don't have the same resources as top executives. Mayer herself only took two weeks of pregnancy leave and built a private nursery for her son next to her office at headquarters.

Moreover, many have scoffed at Mayer's interest in high society and fashion. They have ridiculed her for being superficial. Mayer is known for attending and hosting large parties, sporting colorful Oscar de la Renta gowns.

Criticism aside, this woman is incredible. While I do find the the glamour shot of the Vogue piece objectifying and a bit Stepford Wife-esq, the article wasn't published in Maxim or Sports Illustrated. This was a shot for the most esteemed fashion magazine on the planet, seeking to catch the eye of readers interested in beauty and fashion.

Mayer has been teased as the "Barbie of Silicon Valley" and this article surely supports that image. This nickname, though intended as an insult, is in my opinion - awesome. Kudos to a kickass woman who somehow manages to be incredibly chic and feminine, while running an internet empire.

Now that is the type of Barbie I think girls should look up to.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Dear Blog,

If you were my boyfriend, it would be very easy to understand why you may want to break up. I haven't been returning your calls, I haven't been paying much attention to you and I've just been too busy to be in this relationship.

I've made some week attempts over the past month to blog - usually on a calm Sunday afternoon when I've had time. However, that is simply unacceptable.

From here on out, I promise to devote more time to you. You are something I love and am passionate about. I won't let you down.


Dear Readers,

Many of you have been wondering where I've been and why I've stopped blogging as much. While I hate to give excuses, the truth is that I've been incredibly busy up here in San Francisco getting settled in my new life and job. This has meant long hours at the office, long weekends exploring new neighborhoods and little to no time for blogging.

That being said, I think I am finally settled and ready to get back into the swing of things around here.

I promise you'll be seeing posts more regularly on mackenziecharlotte. Thanks for your continued support.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Foodie Adventures: The Front Porch

My favorite thing about my neighborhood is its close proximity to the fabulous restaurants of The Mission. This morning, I had the pleasure of taking two out of town friends to my new favorite brunch spot - The Front Porch.

My two galpals were in town for Outside Lands (an annual musical festival that San Francisco is very proud of) and even though I wasn't attending OSL (music festivals aren't really my thing), I was elated to see my two very stylish friends.

Look how adorable Em & A are in their festival attire:

One of the gals was even stopped by Free People and photographed for The Free People blog. I was dying over Em's hat. See evidence below (oh ya, I chopped off my hair).

Okay, enough fashion. On to the real star of this post - the southern comfort food of The Front Porch. FP boasts a very eclectic ambiance - not necessarily my style. Mismatched rocking chairs and a stuffed zebra on rockers welcome guests.

We opted to sit outside as the inside is incredibly dark. It's known as the best place to go when you are hungover because it has fabulous, greasy food in a cave like setting.

We started with the house made chicory coffee and beignets.

Then we moved on to fresh peach waffles and something called, "The Stoner Stack" complete with cheesy grits.

No kidding, this is some of the tastiest food in San Francisco. I pride myself in being a brunch connoisseur and The Front Porch, despite its humorously odd ambiance, is my go-to spot now. It simply doesn't disappoint and the eclectic environment is sure to inspire creative conversation amongst the table.
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