Monday, October 14, 2013

Jackson Square - The Timeless Classic

For those that don't know - I've moved. I said goodbye to my charming bachelorette studio, which was simply a summer sublet and joined forces with a friend from high school to find a new apartment.

House hunting in San Francisco is no easy game - it is a hunt to say the least. Well, the real estate Gods were smiling upon us when we landed our new apartment.

The apartment is brand new with hardwoods, exposed brick and granite. Yes it's a dream. Don't worry - a tour is coming once we finish decorating.

For now, we are enjoying exploring our new neighborhood - Jackson Square.

Jackson Square feels stuck in time. It feels like the old San Francisco when men wore full suits and women wore hats and gloves to their meetings. Boutique law firms and antique shops are sprinkled amongst the tree-lined streets. Brick is everywhere and it always smells like a campfire.

Gourmet restaurants like Quince, Coi and Cotogna bring a bustling, glamours energy to the otherwise quite evenings on the square.

And the Transamerica Pyramid watches over during the day and twinkles at night just as the Eiffel Tower does in Paris.

Needless to say, we are in love with our new 'hood.


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