Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Making Friends as an Adult

One of the strangest aspects of the post-graduate life is one's ability to make new friends.

Seriously. Making friends as an adult is very strange. My entire life, I've had organized activities that formed friendships for me. If you look at my very close group of friends from high school, we met during Volleyball Camp. If you look at my very close group of friends from college, we met in the Freshman Dorms.

This is the first phase in life where the world isn't providing me with an instant, built-in group of friends. Though, I've gotta hand it to my company. I've already formed fantastic relationships with many of my colleagues. However, I've struggled to form friendships beyond the office walls.

How hard is it to make new friends in a city that is only 7 by 7 miles?


Despite this, something incredible happened today. Before I tell you, you'll need context.


A few weeks ago, I found myself struggling in my new local Safeway to find polenta. I was cooking dinner for someone special for the first time and naturally wanted to cook my go-to meal: polenta.

After aimlessly wandering around the aisles - I saw a nice looking gal my age who looked like she'd cooked polenta in her life (what that looks like, I couldn't tell you). I casually asked her if she knew where the polenta was and unfortunately she did not. We then spent the next five minutes laughing about how hard Safeway was to navigate and why I was cooking polenta and who I was cooking it for.

In five short minutes, I already felt an incredibly strong connection to this gal in Safeway. For fear of coming off as though I was hitting on her, I didn't give her my number - though I would have loved to grab dinner/drinks/mani or pedis with her... we simply bid eachother goodbye. I even said to her, "Well, maybe I'll see you again!"

Fast forward to this afternoon... I ran out to grab coffee with a friend at this brand new amazing shop called Workshop Cafe. It's part cafe, part startup workspace. When we made it to the counter, I realized that the girl behind the counter was Safeway Girl!

She grinned at me and said, "Did we meet a few weeks ago at Safeway!?" I was floored. We both were speechless. I told her that destiny wants us to be friends and gave her my number. She agreed and we are having a friend date next week.


As strange as it sounds - making new friends in a city feels a lot like dating. Safeway Gal popped out of nowhere and then surfaced a few weeks later. I am taking this as a serious sign that this chick needs to be in my life.

Now that... is a friendship story. Cheers to a good friend-date.


Jess Vasquez said...

I've lamented many times that making friends as an adult is hard, it's good to hear from a fellow extrovert that it's not just me!

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