Sunday, November 17, 2013

Secondary Education: San Francisco Wine School

For the past 10 weeks, I've been attending weekly classes at The San Francisco Wine School. The courses ranged from topics such as Chemistry, Flaws and Tasting to a deep dive into Northern France.

In each class, I had the opportunity to try about 8 wines, listen to guest lecturers from SF's best restaurants and network with industry professionals.

Some of the wines were old friends like Radikon's Tokai which I had the pleasure of tasting during my internship at Vino Roma.

Other wines were new to me and from highly exclusive producers in very small villages in Bordeaux. 

So, why did I take this class?

I like drinking. Specifically, I like drinking wine.

Beyond that - after interning for the premier tasting studio in Rome, my internship in the wine industry only skyrocketed. With support from my mentor, she encouraged me to continue pursuing my wine education even though I've started my professional career in technology.

Through this class, I received in-depth education on nearly every major wine making territory in the world. I learned the difference between viniculture and viticulture and had amazing exposure to some of the leading wine experts in Northern California.

The culmination of this class ends with a rigourous test called The CSW aka The Certified Specialist of Wine test.

I entered the class thinking that this test would be a breeze and I could collect this certification in no time. WRONG.

The test is on Monday and I think I've studied more for this test than I did for the SAT/ACTs.

Here is a sampling of the types of questions they could ask:

1. Which of the following terms means "late harvest" in German?
A. Auslese
B. Spatlese
C. Berrenauslese
D. Kabinett

2. Which of the following wines is produced in Sicily?
A. Taurasi
B. Frascati
C. Conero
D. Marsala

3. Which of the following AVA's is located in Oregon?
A. Rogue Valley
B. Green Valley
C. Horse Heaven Hills
D. McDowell Valley

4. What is "Les Clos"?
A. A Premier Cru vineyard in Alsace
B. A Grand Cru vineyard in Chablis
C. A Grand Cru vineyard in Champagne.
D. A Premier Cru vineyard in Burgundy

Did you get any correct? (Check the answers below)

I need a 75% to pass -- wish me luck!

Answers (1. B 2. D 3. A 4. B)


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