Friday, January 10, 2014

How To Choose the Right Job

Graduating a year early from college has its upsides. It was a great idea in terms of finances and my career ambitions, but it has been painful watching my closest friends, who are Seniors right now, take an entire month off for Winter Break.

Additionally, as the official pioneer into the real world for my crew - I've become the go-to for questions about the post-grad life.

One of the biggest questions I've been asked is, "How do I choose the right job?"

As Seniors rapidly approach the second half of the year, those that are unemployed, are aggressively searching. I can vividly remember the day I officially started the job hunt -- I wrote this.

It is a scary and exciting time. And as "Millennials," we have the added pressure of doing something that matters with our careers, finding our passions and making a difference in the world. It's not enough just to have a stable position... we want disruptive, transformational, and wild positions.

While those are amazing benchmarks to keep in mind when job hunting - I've discovered that there are three things that matter most in choosing the best next step for you.

The Three P's of Choosing the Right Job:

1. People

It is a universal truth that the people you work with and for are far more important then the actual work you do. You could work the crappiest of jobs, but if you liked the people you were doing it with - you'd have a good time.

As such, it is crucial during the interview process to really evaluate the people you are meeting. Do these future managers seem like people who would sincerely care about your well being? Are they the type of person you could grab a pint with after work? (Forgive me, my boss is of Irish decent... so this whole "grab a pint" concept has been engrained in my head).

2. Product

It's important to work for a company that makes a product you believe in... that you use. Whether that is a social media you can't live without, or a tool that's made your life in college a lot easier, or even a line of cosmetics that you've been using since you were 15 years old.

If you don't believe in the product of your company, you'll never have passion for the company. Additionally, a quick analysis of your favorite brands or products is a great place to start when thinking of which companies you may want to work for.

3. Pride

Work for a company that has culture, values, ethics and goals that make you proud. You should be proud to tell your family and friends all about it - even if they get sick of hearing it (sorry, family and friends... I know you all know how much I love working at LinkedIn.)

It's easy to join a company that has a decent salary and stable title. However, this is the time to join that start-up, that non-profit... that company that's going to make you feel so proud of your next step in life. Don't settle on something mediocre.


These three things will look very different to each individual, but they are solid categories to keep in mind when evaluating your options. Who knows, they may lead you down a path you never knew existed.


Ken Finnegan said...

Inspired! I needed this right now thanks!

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